Tecno phantom Z- magical handset

Have you ever thought what your phone can do for you besides what you can do with your smartphone? A smartphone can do more than what you can imagine. Tecno Phantom Z is among the most sophisticated gadgets in the contemporary world it the power that you need to derive your business. It’s magical in its functioning as well as hassle-free. The most surprising thing about Tecno Phantom-Z is its physical looks. It’s beautiful, slimmer as well as lighter contrary to other Tecno products.

Physical appearance of Tecno phantom-Z mini
Tecno Phantom-z might not be as huge as you anticipate, but I can confirm it’s something that you will always consider once you see it. Its beauty is unexplainable. It is 6.6 mm and what’s more surprising, its tin than the iPhone 6!

Tecno Phantom-Z entails a 5.0 super AMOLED display and beside the earpieces lays an 8M facade camera, just a few mm from the flashlight. It has a reflective back cover, which makes it even more seductive.

Tecno phantom-Z mini Display plus UI
Tecno Phantom-Z doesn’t entails a 5″ Super AMOLED display for nothing, with a resolution of 720×1280 pixels; the pictures from Phantom-Z aren’t only enormous but perfect as well. Understand how the Tecno phantom-Z camera works is an added advantage.

OS, swiftness & performance
Phantom-z mini embroils on a 4.4.2 Kitkat; moreover it entails a 1.3GHz octo-core processor. Phantom-z is very swift in its operation. Furthermore, it entails a 450-Mali MP explicit processing unit as well as a 2 GB RAM. You can believe how these incredible gadgets can malt-task.

Tecno phantom-Z Mini Storage
We all complain that our smartphone are not able to store enough data. You’ll never find such shortcomings with phantom-z mini. In fact, phantom-Z is among smartphone that have massive internal as well as external memory. To be precise, phantom-Z has a 16 GB ROM; however, not the entire ROM is swift. 6 GB of the ROM host the OS whereas the 10 GB is left you. All this explains why phantom-Z is fast.

Tecno phantom-Z mini battery
Guess what? All phones have an unusual battery, buy I can attest that Tecno phantom-Z Mini battery is not only a battery but a long life battery. Phantom-Z battery barely dies, when you are using your smartphone. Phantom-Z Battery holds a capacity of 2420mAh, which I guess can run your walkman gadget.

Tecno phantom-Z mini pricing
We are all looking for pocket-friendly as well as swift gadget, and Tecno phantom-Z mini is a pure representation of such as gadget.

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