Team Mates

Kumar Ashutosh – The Gizmo Freak
Wassup Guys ! I am Kumar Ashutosh, the person behind this blog. I have been blogging for a long time now and have worked on different blogs. And I felt, It’s about time to start something of my own. Hence I started this blog along with my some pals. My pals help me gather data and news updates and I tap down all those points in articles and publish them for our loyal viewers.

Nishant Kumar – The BlackBerry Guy

Hey, I am Nishant Kumar Singh. I have always been keen about the latest happening in the tech town and finally decided to put my knowledge to some use via this blog. I help to gather news and updates for our loyal viewers so that they do not miss any important update.

Shubham Kumar – The Apple Guy

Hello There. I am Shubham. I love playing with my Apple toys and using them to verify the accuracy and completeness of the data published on the AndroidSilverProgram.Com and tally them with data on other reputable blogs and official websites. I make sure that our viewers get accurate and to the point information for their queries and concerns.

Mundrika Kumar – The News Ticker

Mundrika has been helping us a lot by reporting and helping us catch up with some breaking news and updates about latest gadgets launch. He has been helping us gather news for a long time even before this blog was started. Seeing his interest in this field, we decided to pull him up as our teammates.

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