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How To Activate Inbox By Gmail For Your Account Without Invite

G oogle’s new Inbox by Gmail service gives you a better way to handle your emails and gives you more functionalities to deal with the emails. However this system is an Invite only system and ever since Inbox by Gmail has been launched, everyone is just busy asking for invites and communities on social media is full with such request. ...

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How To Fix & Monetize YouTube Videos With Copyrighted Music

I f you have ever uploaded a video on YouTube, you must be knowing that it does not let you upload any copyrighted content, whether the content be video or music. The problem when you upload a copyrighted content on YouTube is that your videos cannot be monetized via Google Adsense and hence you cannot make money no matter how ...

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How To Access / Enable Developer Options Menu In Moto G 2nd Gen?

A fter the release of Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean), the Developer Options were no longer listed in the setting options as it were in the previous version of Android. But it is not that Developer options have been removed from the Android 4.2 and above devices. To prevent accidental usage of Developer Option resulting in malfunctioning of the device, Google ...

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