Samsung slashes price of Galaxy S4, S5, S3 Neo, E5, E7, Galaxy Alpha in India


t seems that slowly but gradually Samsung is finally understanding the market. Recently, the news started popping out about Samsung loosing its foothold in Indian market and also slipping to low positions in other markets. All this was caused due to Samsung inability to price their smartphone according to the changing market. For eg. Samsung Galaxy A series, no doubt offers premium packaging with their full metal body design but still the other smartphone with same specification from Samsung itself without the metal body is costing a lot less, so considering the Galaxy A series might be hard for many. However now Samsung might have learnt its lesson as Samsung has slashed price of many of its smartphone viz. Galaxy S4, S5, S3 Neo, E5, E7, Galaxy Alpha in India.

Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S3 Neo, E5, E7, Galaxy Alpha in India Price Cut In India

Revised and discounted new price of Samsung Galaxy S4 in the country now make this a very viable choice and overall Samsung Galaxy S4 price in India makes it the best affordable powerful smartphone from Samsung. This is not the first time, Samsung smartphones have undergone a price cut but this is a noticeable once.

Galaxy S4 Price in India is now Rs. 17,999 and is available via Amazon India. This was launched back in 2013 and comparing the launch price with the current price, you are getting around 57 percent off. This is a real nice price for a smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung offers other smartphones like Galaxy Grand 2 etc at price more than this which are far less capable than what Galaxy S4 could do. Samsung Galaxy Alpha – the first full metal bodied smartphone from Samsung also got a major price cut and now costs just Rs. 26,990 (Available via Snapdeal).

Apart from these smartphones, Samsung Galaxy E5 and Samsung Galaxy E7 also got a price cut. Current price of Galaxy E5 in India is Rs 17,900 and Current price of Galaxy E7 in India is Rs. 20,900.

Along with Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo price has also been revised to just Rs 12,499 (available via Flipkart) which was initially launched at Rs. 25,499. Along with this Samsung’s flagship smartphone of the year 2014, Galaxy S5 price has also been revised and now it costs Rs. 31,999 (available via Flipkart) which once at the launch time was costing around Rs. 51,500.

The price drop must help Samsung address its issue to gain back its market position a little bit. But still unless and until Samsung decides to make sensible pricing of all their upcoming smartphones, Samsung would not be able to sit at the top, specially now, when brands like Xiaomi, Asus and others are now ready with their amazing value for money smartphone which have literally awesome specs for ridiculous price.

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