Google Nexus 9 32GB LTE Tablet Up For Sale At Amazon India For Rs 43,073

So finally, Google Nexus 9 32GB LTE model is now available in India via Price of Nexus 32GB LTE model in India as quoted on Amazon is Rs. 43,047. The tablet was announced back in October and so far only the 16GB Wi-Fi only variant was up for sale via Amazon for Rs. 28,900. Nexus 9 turns out to be the safest bet made by HTC but does not really turns out to be a great value for money device.

Should you buy Nexus 9 32GB priced at Rs. 43,047 in India

Short Answer : You can get a better value for money tablet if you like getting the most out of your money. But if you are more into the best software experience and love the Nexus family for its pros and like having latest products, then HTC Nexus 9 is for you.

HTC Nexus 9 32GB LTE model is the best you can get in terms of specifications in all Nexus 9 models. There is a 16GB  Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + LTE model and then you have the 32GB Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + LTE model. None of them have microSD card slot so in any way the 32GB LTE model is the best one you can get for an all round connectivity option and most possible internal memory.

So what you are getting in your Nexus 9 32GB LTE model priced at Rs. 43,047.

Google Nexus 9 made by HTC comes with a 8.9 inch IPS LCD display with QXGA 2048 x 1536 pixels resolution and has Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. The smartphone is being powered by the 64-bit Nvidia Tegra K1 processor coupled with Denver Kepler GPU and has 2GB RAM. This is somewhat similar to the Nvidia Shield Tablet which available for a lot less than this tablet, though the processor in Shield tablet is not 64bit enabled but that does not matter that much to normal users. Like Nexus 9, Shield is also running in Lollipop now. Of course, Nexus 9 came with lollipop and since it is of Nexus family, it would be first in line for next updates etc. Talking about the camera, Nexus 9 comes with 8MP rear camera with LED flash but that is just to make you feel that you have a camera as well. There is nothing much to say about that. There is also a 1.6MP front camera. This model of Nexus 9 includes 3.5mm audio jack, Micro-USB, GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth and LTE connectivity.

Nexus 9 is powered by a 6700 mAh battery and has a nano SIM slot meant only for Internet data. It does not support calls. It has dual front-facing speakers. They are good but compared to HTC’s Boomsound, they are not that great. Nexus 9 is already available in India and is the Indigo Black colour variant on Amazon India. Though the Play Store still lists it as ‘Coming Soon’.

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