How To Update OnePlus One Manually with CyanogenMod 11S 05Q OTA


ecently a new software update came for OnePlus One which was CyanogenMod 11S 05Q incremental update. It was not Android Lollipop Update for Cyanogen nor it was the upcoming Oxygen OS. It was just an incremental update fixing bugs and issues of the previous build and also bring two new features which were inbuilt Swift Key and also MaxxAudio integration. Here is a quick guide on how to manually install CyanogenMod 05Q incremental Update One OnePlus One.

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Now expect for Indian OnePlus One Owners, every other OnePlus One running Cyanogen OS 11S would be getting notification about the software upgrade, and they just need to select the update to download and install it. For those who want to install this Cyanogen Software Update on  OnePlus One in India, have to do it manually.

Here is the latest CyanogenMod 11S 05Q update file which you need to download to install it manually on your OnePlus One.

Download via the links below

This Cyanogen OS 11S latest incremental update brings an updated configuration for NFC and Wi-Fi HotSpot settings, updated media codecs and a few security fixes. SwiftKey and MaxxAudio by Waves is also coming integrated and once this OS update is installed on your OnePlus One, you will find MaxxAudio in AudioFX app and Swift Key will have its own app.

Download CyanogenMod OS 11S 05Q Incremental Update and save it on your OnePlus One. (Remember the location as we will be needing it later)

Steps on How to install the CM11S 05Q update on OnePlus One in India Manually.

  • Power Off your Phone.
  • Now press the power button and volume down button together to boot directly into the recovery window. (To navigate you can use the volume up and down buttons and to select an option you can use the power button)
  • Now select the option to “Apply Update”
  • Now Select the option which says – “/0” (This is the internal memory.)
  • Navigate and select the
  • Confirm with yes or press Power button to apply the update
  • Once the update complete. Select the option to reboot / restart the phone.

That’s it. You have successfully installed the latest Cyanogen 11S 05Q update on OnePlus One manually. Though this is specially written for OnePlus One users in India, but this can be used by anyone to update their OnePlus One. You just need to have an unrooted OnePlus One running with the unmodded Cyanogen OS 11S. Check Source for more info for rooted OnePlus One or for OnePlus One coming from Nightlies ROM. If you have a rooted OnePlus One and want to install the 05Q update then check the source link.


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