Buy Redmi Note 4G in India : Now Available without Registration


o Xiaomi has now decided to continue selling the Redmi Note 4G in India without registration and going through all the flash sale hassle. As per the brand, they are now producing enough stock to live with the high demands (as they say).

Buy Redmi Note 4G in India : Now Available without Registration

However the reality seems to be something. Last time that is on February 10th, when Xiaomi scheduled the flash sale for Redmi Note 4G, the stock wasn’t totally cleared. This was the first time, when Xiaomi flash sale wasn’t able to clear up its stock. Flipkart is the official online retailer for selling Xiaomi smartphones in India. They have been conduction the same flash sales starting from Xiaomi Mi 3, Redmi Note 4G, Redmi Note 3G, Redmi 1S. And before this, everytime, they were able to clear their stock, without any problem and that too within a matter of seconds. In fact Xiaomi was the first brand to introduce this flash sale approach to the larger market and ever since brands like Micromax and Lenovo and other have also opted for similar type of sale model.

Even though Xiaomi says that they are now able to produce enough stock to be sold without flash sale, we feel the truth turns out to be different. The decreasing demand for the Xiaomi has to do something with this. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G in India costs Rs. 9,999 while Micromax Yureka which has better specs is price at Rs. 8,999. Yureka is also sold via the same flash sale model on Amazon India and they have been doing record sale and are able to clear up their stock within matter of second.

The great specs and price combo of Yureka makes this smartphone more valuable than Redmi Note 4G offering. Recently the stock of Mi 4 16GB model was sold in the flash sale via Flipkart in 15 seconds. Mi 4 64GB model is going to be up for sale on February 24th. We do feel this flash sale would be successful one. However one thing is clear that Redmi Note might see its end soon.

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